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Bariatric Psychology Services



This appointment lasts about two hours and includes a clinical interview, discussion with behavioral counseling, and the administration of self-report questionnaires/psychology tests.  Following the evaluation, Dr. Lisson will interpret the testing, collaborate with other providers in your bariatric program, and prepare a comprehensive report to send to your bariatric surgery program.  This report will be forwarded from your bariatric surgery program to your insurance plan when it is time to seek authorization and approval for bariatric surgery. 



You can request a follow-up appointment at any time.  Dr. Lisson often sees patients after bariatric surgery who may experience related or unrelated stress, setbacks in their weight loss, or those who seeks improved motivation and coping strategies.


PATIENT RESOURCE PACKET- Articles to help provide support and strategies for the lifestyle changes associated with weight management success

Realistic Expectations for Bariatric Surgery

My Behavioral Plan Checklist

How to Respond to Setbacks

Coping with Sabotage from others

Learning From Your Past Habits & Developing Solutions

Behavioral Tips for Controlled Eating

Alcohol and Weight Gain

Changing Your Perspective on Weight Loss

Emotional Eating and Weight Loss



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