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Single Session Therapy

What is Single Session Therapy?


Simply put, it’s coming in for one session of therapy with no commitment to return. Some people find that one session of therapy is all they need to help with a pressing challenge or to talk through an important life decision.

Single Session Therapy (SST) is not about confronting the roots of issues and working through past history, and it’s not about working through a chronic mental health condition, prolonged self-exploration, or persistent/habitual issues. It is not a substitute for ongoing therapy or a quick fix for bigger issues.


What are common concerns that are appropriate for SST? 

  • Decision making
  • Life transitions
  • Break-ups
  • Relationship challenges
  • Individuals who feel they just want to bounce some ideas off of an unbiased, third party mental health professional.
  • People who might have certain reservations about the traditional and extended forms of psychotherapy. 


Frequent Questions & Answers about SST 


What is the cost of a single session therapy session and is it covered by health insurance?

Health insurance plans usually provide coverage for no longer than a 60-minute session in one day.  SST at Center for Health Solutions, PLLC is offered as a 120-minute session.  In order to gather all necessary information, carve out goals of the session, and end with the desired outcome, we need more than a 60-minute session.  Dr. Lisson will bill your insurance company for the 60-minute session (90837) and you may owe a copay for this 60-minute session.  The second hour of this session is an out-of-pocket expense of $80.  So the maximum total expense for one session of SST is: $80 + your copay.  

Research points out that when a problem is very urgent and painful, people are motivated to change quickly. Given the urgent need to these specific appointments, these sessions can usually be scheduled within a 2-week period and weekend appointments are often available. 

How do I prepare for my SST session?

After scheduling, Dr. Lisson will send out a questionnaire so that the client can outline specific concerns/problems and desired outcomes, etc. for the session.  This information will enable Dr. Lisson to plan for the session, thereby maximizing the efficiency and focus of the session.  The goals is to end the session with 1-2 solutions to the problem. 


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